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state of california covid guidelines grades k-12

As of July 2020 most California K-12 schools, colleges, and universities are closing or moving online during the COVID-19 outbreak.  The California Department of Education has provided guidance on support for students, including:

Distance learning

School meals

Services for students with disabilities

Waived family fees for early learning and care

Updated FAQs

The CA Department of Health also issued an updated Re-Opening Framework for the 20/21 school year. You can find the updated guidelines here.

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Need some real world advice on talking to your kids about Covid? 

Check out this handy resource published by the National Assoc of School Psychologists

talking to your kids about covid

A Comic For Kids Exploring

The New Coronavirus

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Distance Learning Options

CA Charter schools

Here you can find a listing of Charter schools that offer non-classroom based independent study options (schools highlighted in pink)

Outdoors Tutoring
Homeschool Tutors

San diego tutors

Online supplemental learning for K-12 students and homeschool curriculum options to help provide support for parents

Support Group
Local Co-ops + Parent Groups

Share the load

No matter where you live, there is likely a homeschool group parents can lean on for information and support. These groups allow homeschooling parents to share information and ideas.


Learning pods 


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While there are no easy answers for parents trying to juggle a career while managing distance learning for their kids, there are a lot of creative, community based ideas out there that you can take advantage of.  You just need to find the right fit for your bunch!

Need local support? Check out this parent group with over 4K members created to support home-schooling families  San Diego Homeschoolers Group

Micro-schools  Small neighborhood "schools" that typically enroll 2-10 kids. In the age of Covid, many parents are taking the micro-school approach into their own hands and creating pandemic or learning pods. In some pods, parents are planning to share supervision of students; in others, they’re pooling the money needed to hire an on-site teacher or homeschool tutor to work directly with a small group of students around the same age.

Nano-school Networks  Much the same idea as the micro-school, the nano-school is a bit less formal, with less kids, about 2-6 per group. Focusing on in-person, hands-on learning using the materials around them and leveraging tutors, willing parents, or specialist...think art teacher or gardener. More crafting, less tech and online work. And hopefully, less chance of infection. You can find networks on platforms like Facebook. Check out this Seattle based group for inspiration.